A mezzanine floor refers to a type of intermediate floor, constructed between the ceiling and floor, or separating the two key floors of a building. These floors cover one area of the building, rather than the whole floor space. The effect created is like a ‘balcony room’ overlooking the level below. Mezzanines are the perfect structure to make use of vertical space, creating extra room both below and above. A mezzanine floor is usually constructed with primary beams, joists or purlins, columns, and decking. These floors are incredibly sturdy, and elegant. There are several settings where a mezzanine floor might be installed.

Mezzanine Floors In The Home


Mezzanine flooring can add a touch of beauty to any home, these stylish structures provide an effortlessly modern feel, and serve to maximize space. Balcony rooms are perfect for a barn conversion, helping you to create a rustic and cozy area. At Instant Metal Fabrication we have installed high-quality mezzanine flooring in a variety of homes. Let our team design you the perfect balcony room to enhance your property. Perhaps you’d like a mezzanine floor to create an office space? You might want to add a dining area? Or maybe a gorgeous mezzanine bedroom? Whatever your needs are, Instant Metal Fabrication can deliver the perfect designs.

Mezzanine Floors In Industrial Settings


Mezzanine floors are ideal for industrial settings, these spaces tend to have high ceilings that are suitable for mezzanine flooring. At Instant Metal Fabrication we can build durable and strong mezzanine flooring to suit a variety of industrial workplaces. Our floors are custom-made, tailored to the specifications and needs of our clients.


There are plenty of benefits of installing a mezzanine floor including:


  • Extend the living space of your home.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Achieve an elegant and contemporary look for your home.
  • Create more storage or workspace in an industrial setting.
  • Make the best use of overhead space in general.
  • Many uses from offices to warehouse settings and homes.

Instant Metal Fabrication 

At Instant Metal Fabrication we only use the highest quality materials and hire the most talented staff. We have many years of experience in creating metal structures, from mezzanine floors to metal balustrades, gates, structural steels, and more. When you work with us you’ll receive fantastic service, creative design work, and support every step of the way. Our team will take the time to discuss your requirements, and answer any questions you have about mezzanine flooring.


To complete your mezzanine flooring project you’ll need to work with the right professionals. Instant Metal Fabrication can help you to determine the exact type of flooring you need. We complete all projects fast, efficiently, and on budget, providing you with a beautiful final result. As the leading manufacturer of mezzanine floors, we know you won’t be disappointed. Whether you need support on a commercial or residential project, give us a call today.