Metal Profiling


CNC plasma cutting is an advanced technology for metal cutting. It lets you cut thick sections of metal where conventional lasers cannot operate or are economically unavailable. 


Instant Metal Fabrication’s platform offers plasma cutting services that permit accurate, detailed metal profiling to your precise specifications. Our bespoke services allow you to create items of the size and shape you require – ideal for customised or personalised projects. Plasma metal profiling gives you a degree of accuracy and refinement that is not available via other methods. 

Superior Plasma Cutting


Plasma cutting is an approach used by industries across the UK, offering superior results compared to traditional cutting methods. With plasma cutting, it is possible to cut a range of different metals cleanly and accurately at low cost. Generally speaking, plasma cutting is preferred to traditional flame cutting. 


We use state-of-the-art technology that’s capable of cutting metal to your specifications. It operates over a substantial bed, allowing us to accurately cut extremely large sheets for the most demanding applications. High-definition technology keeps accuracy high – ideal for keeping with architectural designs in building projects. 


We are ISO 9001 and ISO 9013 accredited. All raw materials are certified by EN 10204. 

The Benefits Of Plasma Cutting For Metal Profiling


Instant Metal Fabrication’s plasma cutting for metal profiling offers a host of benefits. 


Leverage The Latest Technology


Benefit from plasma cuttings’ improved accuracy, reliability and material-sparing properties. Get accurate cuts that fit practically any application in the building trade or elsewhere. 


Benefit From CNC Procedures


Achieve millimetre-perfect cuts on material requiring complex work. Combined with CNC procedures, plasma cutting is a force to be reckoned with. 


Affordable Pricing


Get low cost cutting on a range of metals, using our high-throughput technologies. 


Fast Service


Plasma cutting is a rapid cutting method, capable of delivering finished products in just a quarter of the usual time, compared to other cutting methods. 


Higher Piercing Speed


Avoid the need for inside piercing. Plasma doesn’t require this step so, like-for-like, it can pierce materials in just a few seconds, resulting in lower costs for you. Cut through carbon steel, stainless, steel and aluminium. 




Get bespoke solutions for your metal profiling needs. With us, achieve cuts and patterns that just aren’t possible elsewhere. 


Our Processes


To ensure that our metal profiling work is the highest possible quality, we use high-definition plasma cutting. This process involves ejecting gas through an electrical arc via a nozzle to create a superheated fluid, hot enough to melt metal. HD improves on low-definition methods because it does not leave work surfaces covered in metal oxides – something that can make them feel rough. Instead, high-definition plasma cutting uses a smaller nozzle and tighter plasma jet to generate more precise cut lines. These then allow for improved fabrication and cut quality.


To benefit, send us the relevant CAD files or specifications and we can begin the cutting process. Once we receive your documentation, we can advise you on time-to-delivery.

Get Metal Profiling Services Today


To learn more about our metal profiling services, please contact our team. Get a quote in seconds and benefit from our short lead times. We deliver materials directly to you after you place your order.